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Technical details:

Type: Cargo ship
Building material: Steel hull
Length: 28 m
Beam: 8.12 m
Draught: 2 m
Propulsion: 1 x Scania DI12; total 406 hp, 298 kW
Speed: 8 knots



General history and facts:

”Krut” is a cargo/ferry vessel, built in 1956 by AB Lidingöverken, Sweden to serve the line Yxlan – Blidö under the name ‘Färja 61/197’. Two years later it was moved to the route Vaxholm – Rindö in the Stockholm's archipelago. In the 1960’s and 1970’s the ship was used as a ferry in different locations around Mälaren. In 1979 it was sold to AB Resarö Skärgårdstransporter and the name was changed to the current, Krut. The engine was changed three times, initially, in 1982 to Scania DSI 14, 285 hp (209 kW), later exchanged with Scania DSI 11 and in the year 2000 switched to Scania DI12, 406 hp, 298 kW. In 2003, Krut was sold to Sonnys Skärgårdsland AB, Sweden and is utilized by the company as a cargo ship and a ferry transport vessel.

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