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The site "Howmany.travel" is a project based on the information, publicly and freely broadcasted by every aircraft or watercraft. The signals are analysed with our own proprietary software, cross-checked with an internal database and presented on the web-page. However, sometimes an independent source of information is needed to calibrate part of the data. There are many webpages hosting details on aircraft or watercraft, but there are very few sites, which are truly informative. And here is the place to acknowledge the strong reference points and the great people behind each source. We are indebted to the persons and teams listed bellow for the opportunity to learn from their extensive hard work.


Airframes.org : we are grateful to Ralf D. Kloth and his site for the possibility to occasionally check tail registrations of our radio-located aircraft.


Rotorspot.nl : special gratitude to Jos Stevens for maintaining a well-structured and comprehensive database of rotorcraft registrations of the world on his site and for his critical review of the rotorcraft section at howmany.travel.
Nordicrotors.com : recognition of the team at Nordic Rotors for the inspirational content and the useful historical notes of the Nordic rotorcraft fleet.


Skärgårdsbåtar.se is an immense resource of information concerning many contemporary and historical Swedish boats.