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M/S Mysing

Technical details:

IMO: 7727308
Type: Passenger ship
Building material: Aluminium hull
Length: 31.86 m
Beam: 6.44 m
Draught: 1.5 m
Propulsion: 3 x Scania DI13; total 1,200 hp, 882 kW
Speed: 22 knots
Capacity: 248 passengers

M/S Mysing


General history and facts:

”M/S Mysing” is a passenger ship built in 1978 by Marinteknik Verkstads AB for Stockholms Skärgårdstrafik, Sweden. At that time the name of the ship was “Sjöbris”. In 1979 it was lengthened with 3.55 m. In 1985 it was sold to AB Kostertrafik, Strömstad and subsequently renamed to “Kosterö”. It has been used for transport of passengers between Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway in different periods between 1986 to 1993. In 1994 it was bought by Utö Rederi AB and adopted its current name, Mysing. The main engines were exchanged with the same Scania DSI 11 model, but some time later the motors were upgraded to Scania DI12. In the 2010s it was used in the commuter traffic around Stockholm. In 2020 was bought by Blidösundsbolaget AB, Stockholm. Mysing was reconstructed in April 2023 by “Kummelnäs Varv AB”, Nacka and since then it continues to transport passengers in the Stockholm's archipelago.

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