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M/S Nordanvind

Technical details:

Type: Cargo ship
Building material: Steel hull
Length: 45.2 m
Beam: 6.0 m
Draught: 2.4 m
Propulsion: 2 x Scania diesel motor; total 530 kW

M/S Nordanvind


General history and facts:

”M/S Nordanvind” is a cargo ship built in 1894 by Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad, Sweden for Ångfartygsföreningens AB. The original design was of a paddle-steamer and it was used for serve the traffic between Luleå and Haparanda with a speed up to 11.5 knots. The first name of the ship was “Haparanda”. In 1910 the ship was sold to Trafik AB where it was used for shipping until 1930 when the company ceased operations. The ship was laid-up at Seskarö for about 3 years, when it was sold to Finland to become a barge. In 1936 it was reconstructed to be fit with a diesel-motor driven propeller and the name was changed to “Kajava”. In 1950 the ship was sold to Kalix and was re-registered in Sweden with the name “Trollö”. In 1983 the ship was extended at the Kummelnäs shipyard. After that the ship was bought by Westerbergs Grus AB, changed name to “Nordanvind” and it has been used to transport sand and gravel in the Stockholm's archipelago.

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