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Technical details:

Type: Taxi boat
Building material: Plastic
Length: 8.70 m
Beam: 3.10 m
Propulsion: 2x Hyundai SeasAll; total 500 hp, 367 kW
Speed: 34 knots
Capacity: 12 passengers



General history and facts:

”Mocean” is a taxi boat, originally built for the Swedish navy by the Österskärs shipyard in 1970. In 1997 it was sold to a private company, Överlevaren Rederi KB, Nämdö to serve the passenger traffic in the Stockholm's archipelago. In 2000 it adopted the its first name, “Sjöjungfru”. The name was changed several times to “Freja”, “Pomare Transport” and finally in 2022 to “Mocean”, when it was sold to Mocean AB, Åkersberga, Sweden. It is used as a taxi boat in various routes in the Stockholm's archipelago.

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