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Sirena assistansbåt

Technical details:

Type: Taxi boat
Building material:
Length: 6.95 m
Beam: 2.5 m
Draught: 0.8 m
Propulsion: 1 x Yamaha F200; total 200 hp, 147 kW
Speed: 41 knots
Capacity: 8passengers

Sirena assistansbåt


General history and facts:

”Sirena” is a taxi-boat and SaR built in 1989 by TG Boat Oy, Porvoo, Finland. In 2007 it was fit with a single Suzuki 115 engine (84 kW). The boat took its current name in 2013, when it was sold to Resarö Sjötaxi, Vaxholm. Since 2014 it is used as a taxi boat in the Stockholm's archipelago. In 2015, the engine of Sirena was exchanged to Yamaha F200 (147 kW).

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