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M/S Kungshatt

Technical details:

Type: Passenger ship
Building material: Aluminium hull
Length: 27.65 m
Beam: 5.80 m
Draught: 1.53 m
Propulsion: 2 x Volvo Penta D12D-B MH; total 800 hp, 588 kW
Speed: 20 knots
Capacity: 196 passengers
Gross tonnage: 94 gt

M/S Kungshatt


General history and facts:

”M/S Kungshatt” is a passenger ship built in 1971 by “ Gustafsson \& Anderssons varvs AB”, Sweden. The ship was delivered on 14th of April 1970 to “AB Göteborg - Styrsö Skärgårdstrafik”, Gothenburg under the name “Harry Hjörne”. Since 7th of May 1971 it was put into traffic over the route Göteborg–Saltholmen–Styrsö–Donsö–Vrångö. On 30th of December 1980 it was sold to “Utö Sjötaxi AB”, the name of the vessel was changed to “Mysing” and the line of travel was between Årsta havsbad–Utö. In 1982 the engines were exchanged with the model Scania DSI11 M01S, 533 hp (392 kW). In 1989 the ship was sold to “AB Smögentrafik”, name changed to “Smögenö” with a home port Smögen. In 1991 it was renamed to “Hållö”, but latter during the same year it was sold to “Stockholms Södra Skärgårds Samtrafik AB” and renamed once more to “Sjösala af Stafsnäs” and soon after to “Sjösaga” to serve the passenger’s traffic in the Stockholm's archipelago. In March 1996 new engines of a type Scania DSI11 54M22V, 732 hp (538 kW) were installed at “Museiekajen”, Stockholm. In April 2004 the engines were exchanged once more at Ullmek, Säbyviken with Volvo Penta D12D-B MH, 800 hp (588 kW). On 14th of October 2009 the ship was sold to “Cascad Rederi AB” with home port of Runmarö. On 3rd of March 2016 it was sold to “Rederi Mälarstaden AB” with a home port of Västerås. On 1st of August 2016 it was sold to “Rederi AB Ballerina” with a new home port of Stockholm and renamed “Kungshatt”. From 22nd of August 2016 to the 19th of August 2018 it served the passenger’s traffic on the line 89 of Stockholm’s public transport between Klara Mälarstrand–Lilla Essingen–Kungshatt–Tappström. Since August 2018 “Kungshatt” is transfered to line 80 of the Stockholmäs public transport between Nybrokajen, Nacka Strand and Ropsten.

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