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Märta Helena

Technical details:

Type: Taxi boat
Building material: Aluminium hull
Length: 9.50 m
Beam: 3.12 m
Draught: 0.15 m
Propulsion: 2 x Honda BF115; total 230 hp, 169 kW
Capacity: 12 passengers

Märta Helena


General history and facts:

”Märta Helena” is build in 2006 and originally designed as a fishing boat under the name “Hansvik 18”. In 2009 was sold to “HB Getteröbåtarna Bad & Sjö-turer”, Varberg. At this time it was fit with Yamaha motor, 200 hp (147 kW), changed name to “Casper” and served the traffic between Varberg and Getterön. In 2012 was sold to “Tobbas Skärgårdsservice AB”, Söderhamn and the name was changed to “Elin af Stålnäs”. Fo about two years the boat was used in the Söderhamns archipelago. In 2014 it was bought by Marin & Haverikonsult AB, Stockholm and the name was changed to “Märta Helena”. During the 2014 year the boat was fit with two electrical motors ABB M3AA 112MB-2 and the main engine was upgraded to Honda BF115, 230 hp (169 kW). Therefore, it is used as an electrical-driven vessel with a back-up of conventional fuel engines.

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