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M/S Viggen

Technical details:

Type: Passenger ship
Building material: Aluminium hull
Length: 20.80 m
Beam: 5.10 m
Draught: 1.30 m
Propulsion: 2 x Scania DI12 41 M01 E; total 720 hp, 530 kW
Speed: 20 knots
Capacity: 110 passengers
Gross tonnage: 59 gt

M/S Viggen


General history and facts:

”M/S Viggen” is a passenger ship built in 1965 at “Gustavsson & Anderssons varvs AB”, Lidingö for Waxholms Ångfartygs AB, Sweden. It was delivered on 12th of June 1965 and immediately was put into service of public transport of passengers in the Stockholm's archipelago. In 1971 it was renovated and enlarged with 3.30 m and widened with 0.57 m to its modern dimensions. The engines were exchanged with Detroit Diesel V8, 1.008 hp (741 kW). After an indecent in November 1975, the ship was repaired at “Djurgårdsvarvet” and the engines were exchanged with less powerful model, Scania DS11, 500 hp (368 kW). Eight years latter the engines were changed again to the same type, but newer Scania DS11 and in 2004 once more there was change of engines to the configuration of Scania DI12 41 M01 E, 720 hp (530 kW). There were several transfers of ownership (“Allt i Sjötjänst” in 1991 and “Ingemar Westerman AB” in 2011) before year 2014, when “Blidösundsbolaget AB” acquired the vessel. Since 1st of January 2014 was utilised by “Waxholmsbolaget” on the Solö–Furusund–Rödlöga line. Since 20th of April 2020 it is transferred to the middle part of the Stockholm's archipelago.

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