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M/S Blincka

Technical details:

IMO: 8951724
Type: Ferry
Building material: Steel hull
Length: 36.78 m
Beam: 8.16 m
Draught: 3.93 m
Propulsion: 4 x Volvo Penta MD 100; total 1,352 kW
Speed:  knots
Capacity: 66 passengers and 18 cars
Gross tonnage: 202 gt

M/S Blincka


General history and facts:

”M/S Blinka” is a ferry and passenger ship built in 1959 by ”AB Åsi-verken”, Åmål and delivered to “Vägförvaltningen” in Gothenburg under the name “Färja 61/243”. In 1959 it was used for passenger and car traffic, initially on the route Kolhättan–Svanesund, next year on the route Fillan (Sundsvall)–Alvik (Alnön) and in 1964 on the route Sanna–Strinningen, Hemsö. In 1988 the vessel was renamed to “Frida II”. It often changed owners, first in January 1998 to Bert Carlsson, Färjestaden, latter in 1998 to “Bror Holding AB” (Kjell Karlsson), Norrtälje, in 1999 to “Firma Bror Husell”, Åland and in 2000 to “Ansgar AB”, Åland. At that tome was serving the traffic on the Kumlinge–Enklinge–Bärö line. In 2006 it was renovated. In June 2020 it was sold to “Amfimarin AB,” Saltsjö-Duvnäs and renamed to “Blncka”. Since than it has a home port of Nacka.

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