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M/T Ek-river

Technical details:

IMO: 9808259
Type: Petro-chemical tanker
Building material: Steel hull
Length: 153.93 m
Beam: 23.74 m
Draught: 13.10 m
Propulsion: 6G45ME-C engine; total 5,500 kW
Gross tonnage: 14,256 gt
Deadweight: 19,884 t
Volume capacity: 22,020 m3

M/T Ek-river


General history and facts:

”M/T Ek-river” is an ICE 1A1 - class tanker for chemicals and oil products, sailing under flag of Norway with a home-port at Arendal. The ship was launched on 5th of December 2017 and built on 10th of August 2018 by Chengxi shipyard Co., Ltd., Jiangyin, China with hull number CX0377A. It has a gross tonnage of 14,256 (net tonnage 6,468) and can accommodate about 22 thousand cubic meters of liquid cargo. It can be classified as a small coastal tanker under the AFRA system with its deadweight of 19,884 t.

Vessels with the same name:

There was another petro-chemical tanker called “M/T Ek-river” (IMO: 9056868) with very similar design and appearance, built in 1994 and owned by the same company as the current ship. In June 2014, that vessel was sold to “Vega Leasing Co LLC”, Khatanga, Russia and renamed “Vladimir Rusanov”. In December 2015 a new tanker “M/T Ek-river” was ordered and latter in 2018 completed in China as hull CX0377A.

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